Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Graphic Design?

What is graphic design? Graphic design is a creative process — most involving a client and a designer and usually trying to convey a certain message. For example, magazines, bussiness cards and even advertisement posters. Graphic design does not only interest me, it's my desired career. My mentor is Mrs. Callicoate our web design and graphic design teacher here at Lindenwold High School, she has taught me everythingI've known. This is my fourth year of graphic design and have gotten better as the years go on. To making our LHS play posters and shirts to the yearbook, I have gotten better at what i like to do. Graphic design is your creativity inside just trying to burst out and can release by graphic design. In graphic design we use different programs such as Photoshop, Idesign and Illustrator. In these programs you can make magazines, layouts and even photo retouch. In Senior Project I plan to learn further things to do in graphic design than what I know now.


  1. One Word: Proofread.
    Another Three Words: Who are you? Put your name on your blog. Give details. Do better.

  2. Hey Jazz. Can I give you some constructive critism. In my opinion, your blog is a little bland. I think you should try to make it a little more captivating. Try not to get upset kid.