Monday, February 28, 2011


  On Wednesday February 23, 2011, I visited the library here at LHS. I went on the computer went to look up a book, any book that had to do with design. I found this interesting book, “The bare bones of advertising print design” which explains graphic design in a creative way but also the business aspect of it too. Reading this book opened my eyes to what graphic design is and made me think a little deeper.
This book proved what I was saying in my last blog when I visited my sponsor. In the book it says that business is really what comes first, even before design. This book made a lot of sense to me, because if you think about it graphic design is really about satisfying a certain artist. So the business part is the most important thing which I learned in Computer Graphics I as a freshman by Mrs. Callicoatte. 

         For example, a kids’ toy advertisement like Barbie will look different compared to a True Blood advertisement because they attract a different audience. The kid’s toy commercial will be bright and appealing to kids, where the True Blood advertisement would be dark, gloomy and scary appealing adults who love vampires.
         I made a connection between my past classes in LHS and reading a graphic design book from the library. These connections helped a lot with my future plans of becoming a famous graphic design.

Friday, February 18, 2011


   Field Trip #1

         I finally got a sponsor! My sponsor's name is Doug Hiltechbret and he owns a place called The Print Shop,where they do the same thing as what we know as Kinkos but honestly cheaper. On Tuesday, I went to visit my sponsor for the first time to "break the ice" as Mr. Snyder says. I went there to introduced myself, and then Mr.Doug showed me around and explained the work area and what different things that I'll most likely be doing. He was a very nice man too but was strict about his business and making money, which I can respect. I surely didn't expect to get started that day but unexpectedly I did, even though he was short a staff member. Which caught me by surprise but most definitely a reputable surprise, knowing that I can gain a lot of experience and worthy knowledge.

            What made this experience special was that he tried his hardest to make time to show me things, even though his spare time was very tight. My first day he put me to work and I actually did a PAID order, I couldn't believe it.
                I learned how to make copies, not just copying papers but setting the machine up which is more difficult than I ever thought. I've known how to make copies from our library copier machine here at LHS, but this was a more advanced and expensive machine which completely threw me off. This man is about his money and I wouldn't want to intefer with that. That is why I tried my hardest to make sure that I did this order correctly that someone paid for. So then he shows me how to work the machine and says that I'm on my own, "Make 2 copies of each page, front and back", Doug says. In my mind I'm thinking, "Jazmin don't screw this up please", but I just responded "No problem". Finally finished both front and back of all the papers and I look over them, yup I did it right, 2 copies of each. And then I looked them over. Oppps! I did it right but just made a little mistake, I happened to forget to look at the bottom.The page numbers were on the paper, they were a little cut off but still recognizeable. Other than that, I did a fantastic job.
                 I'm very excited about my sponsor at The Print Shop. I'm learning many different things I didn't know before. I'm very good with designing but the actual business side of owning your very own shop is very interesting also. I see why Shaquille Flowers is so amazed by it, because it's very interesting to see how you run a business and have great customer service. To see your business move forward is a great feeling, I can tell. If I owned a business I would be honored to know I could help a young student (like myself), where she can talk on forever about how she loves going to my business and gaining a learning experience from it. I plan to coninue my journey to sucess and knowledge on Thursday 2-17-11 with Mr Doug at The print shop....

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Can Inferno Help Me?

How can the Inferno help us with our own flaws and improve ourselves as individuals? This poem Inferno really opened my eyes to what sins can be and how it can affect you, especially because I’m not that religious. It really showed me a different perspective of sins, in my mind I thought the only sins were the ones that get you behind bars like murder and stealing. It’s embarrassing to say the least that I never heard of these sins before reading the Inferno. Everyone has something they could improve on whether it’s just a bad characteristic or a sin. In the Inferno they showed the sin greed as having a lot of something such as money and not sharing it with people who need it. Greed would probably be my biggest sin, I’m not selfish but honestly I am greedy. I think I could be more slelfless and share more often because it is a sin and also not something I’d like to be. Inferno can improve many different people with their sins and flaws. Many people sin and people regret it, which is the only thing I didn't like about the Inferno. It was like once you do something terrible and you sin, then your out of luck and never forgivin. So to answer my question The Inferno does helps with our flaws and improves us as individuals.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

L.A. Museum With a Pool Inside to View Art Differently

This article I found on the npr website and it caught my attention quickly. I never heard of any museum like this one they have in Los Angeles. This is a museum that shows the most fantastic art, but even displays them out on a screen right above a swimming pool. Many people asked about this museum said it's a little weird when you have people looking at you oddly because you have a swimsuit on. Many people seen it as awkward or maybe weird,different and strange. But isn't that art, the most famous art is weird, strange or different I ask myself. I think it would be incredible if they mad more museums like this on the east coast also. I think these museums would get talked about plenty and would be a great hit. Art and swimming, sounds like  a good time to me. Read this article its very interesting. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Corbis Images

This picture I got from which is an example of graphic design. This photo is a picture of many things put into one.

Color Schemes

This picture I took in our Lindenwold High School in the art room. The painting I'm holding was a project I did showing 4 different color schemes. If you look really close to the picture it has 4 different boxes representing the different schemes you have out of the famous color wheel.

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Mozambican painter and Poet Malangatana Ngwenya, Dies at 74
          This article is about a famous artist and poet named Malangatana Ngwenya, who just died on Saturday January 8th. Ngwenya was rushed to The Pedro Hispano Hospital after visiting his daughter shortly ago before that, but wasn't the cause of his death. Ngwenza was a founding member of Mozambique Peace Movement from 1990-1994. His first poem was published in 1963 and during that year joined a nationalist guerrilla group called the Front for Liberation of Mozambique. Even when he started art full time in 1981 and his fame continued to grow, Ngwenya stayed a highly visible political and civic presence. He was not only known for his art and poems but also known for his history of representing and sticking up for the people. Enjoy this interesting but sad article.

Some of Malangatana's artwork>>