Sunday, January 23, 2011

L.A. Museum With a Pool Inside to View Art Differently

This article I found on the npr website and it caught my attention quickly. I never heard of any museum like this one they have in Los Angeles. This is a museum that shows the most fantastic art, but even displays them out on a screen right above a swimming pool. Many people asked about this museum said it's a little weird when you have people looking at you oddly because you have a swimsuit on. Many people seen it as awkward or maybe weird,different and strange. But isn't that art, the most famous art is weird, strange or different I ask myself. I think it would be incredible if they mad more museums like this on the east coast also. I think these museums would get talked about plenty and would be a great hit. Art and swimming, sounds like  a good time to me. Read this article its very interesting. Enjoy!

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  1. Absolutely fascinating! As I read the piece, I kept thinking about scuba divers who explore colorful coral reefs. I know that the light filtering through the water does something special to the color. I'm just so impressed that someone would think to combine a swimming pool with an art museum.