Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Hello, I’m a local detective who has been following these two young fellows since an incident I saw secretly which happened in an alley way, where a young man got brutally raped by a man who had two accomplices.  I looked these men all up and the name of the man who got raped was Hassan. The bully who brutally hurt Hassan was a man named Assef. There was also a bystander I saw who didn’t see me as I was standing behind him quietly.  I’m making an educated guess that he knew the victim fairly well. I say this only because this man looked very emotional like there was some type of familiarity between himself and the victim. This man hid and watched this young man Hassan get raped and didn’t say a word or a peep. I looked up this anonymous bystander and found out his name was Arif. I took a picture of this incident, as you can see on the left of my bulletin board where I keep my important detective photos and notes.  As I kept following these individuals I found out weird little secrets between the both. As I followed the bystander (Arif) to his house I waited outside to see if he would tell anybody or panic, but he didn’t. The victim Hassan comes walking in the same house. At this moment I was confused and very curious so I peeked into the house, This Arif character started to look panicked all of a sudden as if he didn’t know what was going on and claimed he was looking for Hassan. Hassan seemed to not think much of it and handed Arif this blue kite, the blue kite that he went through suffering for. I shake my head as I walk away wondering the relationship between the two and just think why. They live together but they couldn’t possibly be related. At this point I wanted to report it but I just couldn’t yet so I followed the more. Their every move and every step they both made I followed behind them. One day I went by the house just checking up on things to see if there’s any more déjà vu going on at these two men’ house. I peek through Hassan’s window to find Amir in there, acting sneaky. “What is he doing?” I ask myself.  Then as I continue to watch him Amir is putting something under the bed. I look a little closer. Birthday money? Expensive watches? Why? Then I get a light bulb, it’s a setup. But why? And then I dig deeper and sit in my car and think for a minute. He probably feels very guilty and is finding anything to get him out of his guilt trip. Oh yes, it might have took me a while but I get it now. I just had to put myself in this man Arif’s shoes as well as Hassan’s and put two and two together. The next day I see packed luggage, which are Hassan’s bags. Arif’s setup worked and Hassan is out of the house, but I think doing that would put 1,000 more pounds of guilt on him. Time goes by nothing at all is happening lately and then all of a sudden I see Arif and his father Baba leaving. I’m a detective and my work is not over until I solve it to the end. And I plan to find where they went and follow them and finish my job. So if you would like to follow up on more reports and updates just go to this website where I have many new posts daily.  Thank- you very much.
Jazmin Walker

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