Monday, February 28, 2011


  On Wednesday February 23, 2011, I visited the library here at LHS. I went on the computer went to look up a book, any book that had to do with design. I found this interesting book, “The bare bones of advertising print design” which explains graphic design in a creative way but also the business aspect of it too. Reading this book opened my eyes to what graphic design is and made me think a little deeper.
This book proved what I was saying in my last blog when I visited my sponsor. In the book it says that business is really what comes first, even before design. This book made a lot of sense to me, because if you think about it graphic design is really about satisfying a certain artist. So the business part is the most important thing which I learned in Computer Graphics I as a freshman by Mrs. Callicoatte. 

         For example, a kids’ toy advertisement like Barbie will look different compared to a True Blood advertisement because they attract a different audience. The kid’s toy commercial will be bright and appealing to kids, where the True Blood advertisement would be dark, gloomy and scary appealing adults who love vampires.
         I made a connection between my past classes in LHS and reading a graphic design book from the library. These connections helped a lot with my future plans of becoming a famous graphic design.


  1. I'm sorry things couldn't work out for you, and I just want to tell you this class won't be as great without you, in my opinion at least.

  2. I will agree with shaq. Also, in this blog I do like you realizing that to be a success in many things it is not what it always appears. We will miss you and good luck.

  3. If your still planning on becoming a graphic desinger, Larry and I would love to add you to our team. We'll be in touch.