Friday, February 18, 2011


   Field Trip #1

         I finally got a sponsor! My sponsor's name is Doug Hiltechbret and he owns a place called The Print Shop,where they do the same thing as what we know as Kinkos but honestly cheaper. On Tuesday, I went to visit my sponsor for the first time to "break the ice" as Mr. Snyder says. I went there to introduced myself, and then Mr.Doug showed me around and explained the work area and what different things that I'll most likely be doing. He was a very nice man too but was strict about his business and making money, which I can respect. I surely didn't expect to get started that day but unexpectedly I did, even though he was short a staff member. Which caught me by surprise but most definitely a reputable surprise, knowing that I can gain a lot of experience and worthy knowledge.

            What made this experience special was that he tried his hardest to make time to show me things, even though his spare time was very tight. My first day he put me to work and I actually did a PAID order, I couldn't believe it.
                I learned how to make copies, not just copying papers but setting the machine up which is more difficult than I ever thought. I've known how to make copies from our library copier machine here at LHS, but this was a more advanced and expensive machine which completely threw me off. This man is about his money and I wouldn't want to intefer with that. That is why I tried my hardest to make sure that I did this order correctly that someone paid for. So then he shows me how to work the machine and says that I'm on my own, "Make 2 copies of each page, front and back", Doug says. In my mind I'm thinking, "Jazmin don't screw this up please", but I just responded "No problem". Finally finished both front and back of all the papers and I look over them, yup I did it right, 2 copies of each. And then I looked them over. Oppps! I did it right but just made a little mistake, I happened to forget to look at the bottom.The page numbers were on the paper, they were a little cut off but still recognizeable. Other than that, I did a fantastic job.
                 I'm very excited about my sponsor at The Print Shop. I'm learning many different things I didn't know before. I'm very good with designing but the actual business side of owning your very own shop is very interesting also. I see why Shaquille Flowers is so amazed by it, because it's very interesting to see how you run a business and have great customer service. To see your business move forward is a great feeling, I can tell. If I owned a business I would be honored to know I could help a young student (like myself), where she can talk on forever about how she loves going to my business and gaining a learning experience from it. I plan to coninue my journey to sucess and knowledge on Thursday 2-17-11 with Mr Doug at The print shop....

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