Friday, December 10, 2010


Drawing is a passion of mine as you have noticed. I think that drawing shows my talented side along with my creativity. I had drawn this poster last year for the leading ladies program, where you had to run for mayor of your town and have a campaign. It was an event held by Ms. Hafner during school hours in the library. Many women from different places on the East coast (who help their community), came to lead us the right direction into becoming "Leading Ladies". Showing us that women can be in charge and help their community into being all that it can be. In our speech we had to talk about saving the earth, global warming and how we can make the earth a better place. This event opened my eyes to seeing how much of a difference one person can make on the world. (Literally). It also opened my eyes to how things have changed positively and how fortunate women are today. Being able to be a "Leading Lady" is a great opportunity to all the ladies, especially when women were once forbidden to vote and didn't have a choice or a say. Anything positive can help the world. Even simple things like turning the light off when your leaving the room, turning the water on and off as you brush your teeth, and most importantly recycling. I believe in global warming and also believe in keeping the earth in great conditions by doing everyday things a little differently. I believe it will most definitely be worth it in the end....

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